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Vineyard landscape - cultural landscape - A look at Saint-Emilion with Isabelle

For a short poetic travel to St Emilion, read this very nice article written by Isabelle...

Take a town, which fame shine on an territory unchanged for 800 years, then a few charming villages spread all around.

Add a dedicated work from monks and farmers for centuries, to clear, plough, cultivate, prune, harvest.

Sprinkle with dressed stones and mortar, in thousands of cellars, mills, houses and chateaux.

Keep the rivers, the creeks, the ponds and even the springs and resurgences.

Do not forget the woods, hedges, parks, fields, wild flowers and tree plantations.

Finally arrange with men and women who have generosity, ideas, courage, talent, who have received the know-how from their ancestors, who have sometimes doubt, but always the desire to improve, as well as a sure sense of preservation.

You will then see with a different light the bottles that sleep in the cellars or shine for the visitor.

You will wander through the narrow streets of the medieval town looking at the further slopes covered with vines.

You will drive across the vineyards immersing yourself into history, architecture, and ethnology.

You will stop and feel the alive and vibrant heritage.

You will taste the nectar and drink in the winemakers’ words.

You will finally understand why UNESCO listed this jewel as World Heritage Site for its Cultural Landscapes.

Saint-Emilion has so much to offer, let it go!

 Isabelle Paysage viticole Saint Emilion

With professional guides, discover the famous monuments in Saint-Emilion: monolithic church, catacombs, Emilion’s cave, Trinity Chapel, Cordelier Cloister, Collegiate ensemble, King’s Tower, etc...

Follow your guide on the Route des Chateaux, would they be Classified, Grand Cru, family runned, with a modern architecture or nestled in a comb, they will no longer be a mystery for you.

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