Visit Charente and the vineyards of Cognac

Visit Charente and Charente Maritime… From the Charente coast with its forts and oyster fishing villages to the vineyards of Cognac… Towns, villages and historical sites await!

Visit Angoulême’s old town

Angoulême, the capital of Comic Strip, thanks to its internationally renowned festival, has adorned itself with 25 painted walls celebrating the “ninth art". But don’t forget the old town, officially recognized for its art and history! To visit Angoulême is to discover a rich historic past and its architecture. Come discover the origins and secrets of the Valois dynasty, the town’s remarkable ramparts or the impressive romanesque façade of Saint Peter’s Cathedral.

The Cognac vineyard and distilleries

Come discover Cognac and its prestigious vineyard with a guide. They’ll be able to initiate you into the secrets of double distillation, “charentais” copper alambics and oak barrel ageing of our eaux-de-vie. Leaving from Bordeaux, Cognac or Angoulême, come penetrate the world of the most famous of "brandies"!

The Old town of Cognac…

Cognac barriques vieillissement

Abbeys or the boatmen's villages

The Charente was home to as many as 13 abbeys and 200 priories in the past. Today you can visit a good number of these religious buildings, part of the area's exceptional romanesque architectural heritage. Our guided visits can acquaint you with the treasures and the codes of the region’s romanesque art.


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